INSIDE Secure launches NFC Tag for the mass market

Memory at an affordable price

The new tag, called the MicroPass 4101-2K, is claimed by INSIDE Secure to be the first NFC Forum tag that provides sufficient memory for demanding applications at an affordable price (view press release). The tag is based on the MicroPass contactless payment platform and is compliant with NFC Forum Type 4 tag requirements, with 2K bytes of memory to store application data such as URLs, business cards, phone numbers, wifi and Bluetooth pairing information.

Bernard Vian, executive vice president of NFC and Payment Solutions at INSIDE Secure says, “Until now, application developers have faced the dilemma of either paying too much for a true NFC Forum tag with enough memory for their applications, or using a more cost-effective but proprietary solution based on MIFARE Classic technology that presents interoperability issues…The MicroPass 4101-2K solves this dilemma by providing developers with a compliant NFC Forum Type 4 tag that has sufficient memory at an affordable price and that can be read by any NFC device.”

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