Casio to launch new Casio Business Portal and first Android tablet computer

Freedom to develop own apps

The cloud services Casio Business Portal is to be launched alongside the VX Tablet, Casio’s first Android platform tablet computer (view press release). The solutions will enable merchants to access and trial on-demand apps and services on Android’s app-based platform and roll out phased programmes. Merchants will have the freedom to develop their own apps, creating new ways to interact with customers, upsell, generate new revenue channels and improve stock control. App ideas suggested by Casio include mobile phone receipts instead of paper receipts, electronic discount vouchers and SMS marketing direct from the local EPOS device. The hardware and software solution can be tailored specifically to the merchant’s store requirements and remote management of the VX-100 POS terminal can be achieved using automated email access.

Guy Boxall, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Casio claims that “the possibilities of using an Android platform tablet in an EPOS scenario are almost entirely unexplored… As the consumer market has seen with mobile phones, there is huge potential for a greater range of EPOS apps and services to help the retail sector.”

The Casio VX will be available for purchase in autumn this year.

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