Synapse partners with Viableware to develop mobile payment platform for restaurants

POS in the hands of the customer

The new solution, dubbed Rail, is a payment platform that enables restaurants to put the point of sale system in the hands of the customer (view press release). The solution looks like a typical bill presentation wallet that would be presented to a customer at the end of a meal but it has a touch screen interface that allows the customer to carry out functions such as splitting the bill, auto-calculating tips and emailing receipts as opposed to printing them out. The solution integrates and securely communicates with existing POS systems and Viableware’s datacentre. The partnership claims the solution offers new benefits such as improved waiting efficiency, advertising revenue opportunities and customer loyalty application.

Ron Dicklin, project manager at Synapse explains that “developing a wireless, battery powered device that works with a customized enterprise solution had its share of unique design challenges requiring innovative technological solutions… We had to understand not only how the Rail interacted with back-end point-of-sale servers and data centres, but also how the wait staff and customers used the device so security and power requirements were all properly addressed.”

The solution is currently in beta testing in restaurants in the Seattle area.

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