Western Union expands online payments for businesses in Europe

Cross border bank-to-bank payments

Western Union is expanding its online business payments platform, Western Union Business Solutions, to business clients in Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden, enabling them to make cross border bank-to-bank payments (view press release). Businesses in these countries often make global payments for imports such as machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, gems and foodstuffs. These businesses will be able to use Western Union Business Solutions to make and manage international payments in around 140 currencies and check real time exchange rates and fees 24/7. Payers also have the ability to lock in exchange rates.

Raj Agrawal, president of Western Union Business Solutions, says the service is designed to help businesses “keep up” with the pace and focus of the global marketplace.   

The Western Union online business payments platform is now available in a total of nine European countries, also including France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and the UK.                                        

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