Two mobile payment startups to watch : GoPago and Jumio

Recent investment

As mobile payments continue to generate hype and show no signs of abating, mobile payment startups continue to attract investor interest. The latest beneficiary is GoPago, a location-focused mobile payments firm that allows customers to pay for goods or services from bricks and mortar stores, to be picked up later using a receipt displayed on their smartphones. Its undisclosed funding comes courtesy of JPMorgan Chase, which has also partnerd with the startup. Although it will originally work exclusively with JPMorgan clients, it plans expansion to other financial services providers on both the consumer and enterprise side.

Andreessen Horowitz led the recent USD25.5m round in another hot mobile payments startup, Jumio. It’s focus is on making payments safer and more secure and is looking to make strategic partnerships with the likes of Facebook, Skype and Groupon to help them fight mobile payment fraud.

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