Shopping site Fab hits 3m members and mulls UK expansion

Growth through mobile and social sharing

US shopping site has hit 3m members, according to co-founder Jason Goldberg, who revealed the milestone at the London Web Summit. Goldberg says half of Fab’s members came from social signups, while 40% of its users access the site via mobile devices. Revealing impressive growth, Goldberg adds that the site sold 1m products in nine month, at a rate of 2.6 items per second. Goldberg also hinted that he and his co-founder Bradford Shellhammer were “working on” bringing the site to the UK.

We’re very proud to announce that Fab has 3m members worldwide, with more than 2.5m members in the US alone,” says Goldberg. “We’ve grown very, very quickly.”

Mobile appears to be a potentially lucrative area for the firm, with Goldberg claiming that Fab’s iPad users are “especially valuable“. Some 10% of those downloading the app for Apple’s iPad go on to make a purchase within the first week. Goldberg claims that social sharing is also a key element of Fab’s popularity, adding that users get “excited” enough by products to share them with friends. “You can’t force that to happen, it has to be authentic, it has to be real,” he says. “This happens because people get excited about the products on our site and tell their friends. It’s about people taking the initiative themselves to say [they] love this product.”

Originally started as a social networking site targeted at the gay community, Fab pivoted a year ago to become a design-focused flash sales site. The firm has raised more than USD51m in venture funding and expanded into Europe in February through the acquisition of German e-commerce site Casacanda.

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