Payfirma releases Android mobile payment app for businesses

Mobile card payments

The new app is available as a free download on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Blackberry and allows Payfirma merchant account holders to accept major credit cards and VISA Debit on their Android mobile or tablet devices (view press release). The app allows users to swipe cards, sign on screen and send e-receipts including a map of the location of purchase. Businesses also have access to location tagging and real time analysis in the form of daily, weekly or monthly sales summaries.

All of our payment software is designed in collaboration with businesses – we build based on what their needs are,” say Payfirma founder Michael Gokturk. “Our customers can now accept payments on their phones or tablets and focus on making their business great.”

Payfirma is also working on making all its mobile payment applications NFC compatible so users can simply wave or tap their NFC enabled card or device against the Payfirma POS system to make payment. “By enabling our applications to communicate using NFC, lines at the register become a thing of the past,” says Gokturk.

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