Revel Systems rolls out consumer facing iPad Kiosk POS at Twistee Treat ice cream stores

Kiosk Mode

Revel Systems claims its new POS technology, dubbed ‘Kiosk Mode,’ is the world’s first consumer facing POS iPad Kiosk system (view press release). The solution essentially transforms an iPad into an unmanned POS kiosk that allows customers to place orders and make purchases with credit/debit or gift card independently. Cash transactions need to be made via a manned POS system. Revel Systems claims its kiosk can save storeowners $50,000 to $100,000 per annum in labour costs.

Corey Balzer, president of Twistee Treat USA, said he “suspected there would be a learning curve with the iPad station, but users just walked right up to the iPad and started ordering as if they had done it before. The system is very intuitive, and I see it going really far.”

Merchants can integrate the kiosk machines and digital menu boards into their existing POS system and back-end reporting enabling them to make updates via their POS menu and track sales and inventory data. Revel Systems aims for Kiosk Mode to become the standard for the whole QSR and table service market.

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