Celebrity chef Michael Rubino selects ISISPOS for new restaurant


Michael Rubino is implementing ISISPOS’ next generation iPad POS devices in his new restaurant STRADA 241 (view press release). The ISISPOS cloud-based payment processing system includes features such as a wireless iPad based kitchen display solution and enterprise wide cloud back office management. Using the solution, waiters will be able to place orders and process payment directly at the table side.

Michael Rubino says, “Having used many of the traditional type POS systems over the years I wanted something that offered me more flexibility and was cost effective… I was particularly impressed with how easy it was to use a cloud based system and that all of the features you find in most systems all run on my iPad and iPhone, this allows us the flexibility that we never enjoyed with POS systems in the past. Upfront costs for the system are significantly less than the traditional POS systems.”

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