Gemalto selected by KDDI for Japan’s first commercial mobile NFC launch

Multiple international standards for NFC

Through the partnership, Gemalto will provide a one stop service to KDDI, incorporating its Allynis Trusted Service Manager (TSM) software and UpTeq NFC security device (view press release). KDDI’s 34 million subscribers will be able to enjoy various contactless services ranging from mobile payments and transportation services to e-driver licences, e-ticketing and information acquisition from smart posters. Industries involved in the initiative include car manufactures, airlines and cinema operators.

KDDI’s migration to Gemalto’s Upteq NFC security device, which incorporates FeliCa software technology, allows users to employ the benefits of NFC technology both in Japan and around the world. The launch is the result of a new Japan Mobile NFC Consortium of the countries three largest operators to initiate the adoption of multiple international standards for NFC.

As Japan is where mobile proximity started many years ago, with consumers already actively using mobile contactless services, we anticipate quick user adoption of this new service,” said KDDI senior manager, Kenichi Bandou.

Gemalto’s end-to-end NFC solution is the first step towards NFC roaming capability, which will enable mobile users to make purchases in globally compatible contactless point of sales wherever they are when they travel abroad,” comments Gemalto’s president in Asia, Tan Teck-Lee.

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