Paymark, Vodafone, 2degrees and Telecom partner for mobile payments in New Zealand

NZ for NFC

Payment provider, Paymark, is forming a joint venture with three NZ mobile network operators to launch a trusted service manager enabling Kiwis to use their mobile phones to make payments, collect loyalty points and use public transport (view press release). The intention is to develop an NFC ecosystem where all parties can get involved. Through the agreement, bank cards, loyalty cards and transport tickets will be replaced by applications storing the data virtually on the mobile device. Transactions will be made via NFC technology. Within the telecoms space, the three operators will continue to compete by developing their own branded services on top of the new, open platform.  

Eric Hertz, CEO of 2degrees, comments that “over the past decade, our mobile phone has swallowed our newspaper, our map and our camera to become an essential all-in-one device. The logical next step is to make it even more convenient by having it swallow our wallet, and making it the only thing you need to grab when you leave the house in the morning.”

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