Clairmail launches Clairmail Plus for mid-market financial institutions

Meeting mid-tier FI’s business goals and IT resources

The solution, built on Clairmail’s flagship platform, is designed to help mid-tier banks and credit unions deploy Clairmail’s mobile banking and payment solutions (view press release). Until now mid-tier financial institutions have been limited to ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions which have left many experiencing low adoption rates, alleges Clairmail. Clairmail Plus is designed to provide an affordable solution that meets mid-tier FI’s business goals and IT resources.

Despite a relative lack of unique options in the midmarket financial space, mobile banking continues to grow in leaps and bounds, seeing a 63% surge in 2011 to 57 million US adults using mobile to interact with their finances… However, the mid-tier, smaller financial institutions are an increasingly underserved market – one that’s hungry to innovate and differentiate via the mobile channel,” said Mary Monahan, executive vice president of and research director of mobile at Javelin Strategy & Research.

By introducing new features like optimized integration services that reduce the upfront investment, resources and time associated with a mobile implementation while minimizing the burden on the organization’s tech team, Clairmail Plus is a step forward in making mobile banking and payments technologies more accessible and affordable for financial institutions of all sizes,” said Clairmail CEO Pete Daffern.

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