Cubic Transport Systems launches payment platform for contactless AFC Systems

Contactless smart card interface and fare processing engine

The new solution, called Nextaccount, integrates with Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems and provides a contactless smart card interface and fare processing engine, enabling transit operators to offer travellers the option of paying for their travel ticket through an account or open payment fare media such as contactless and prepaid smart cards. The platform can also accept payment from smart-card based ‘secure tokens’ linked to an account such as transit-issued contactless smart cards or employer and student ID cards. The solution will eventually be enhanced to allow travellers to make mobile payments for their travel from their NFC-enabled mobile phone. (view press release)

The transit industry is on the verge of a transformation, and Nextaccount creates the ability for transit agencies to continue to reduce their cost of fare collection while improving the traveller and customer experience,” said Matt Cole, Cubic’s senior vice president of strategy and business development.  

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