Monitise Asia Pacific and Astra Graphia Group joint venture opens for business in Indonesia

Mobile services for the banked and unbanked

The joint venture, labelled PT AGIT  Monitise Indonesia, has completed its installation in a Jakarta based data centre and is ready to support mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile commerce (view press release). Through the platform, service providers such as banks, mobile operators and retailers will be able to connect via a secure, interoperable network to deliver mobile services to banked and unbanked customers.

Our platform enables consumers who have a bank account to stay in touch with their finances via their mobile smartphone, make payments and send money to friends and family,” said Monitise Group Chief Executive, Alastair Lukies. “We also have the ability to provide services to the ‘underbanked’ population who have mobile phones but no access to basic financial services or who want to be able to send money to their loved ones without having to risk other less secure methods.”

Monitise Asia Pacific is a 50/50 joint venture between Monitse plc and First Eastern Investment Group.

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