Orange to roll out NFC contactless payment service for Android in next few weeks

Open to all UK credit and debit cards

The system, dubbed Quick Tap, will feature a new service called ‘Open Load’ which makes the solution open to all UK credit and debit cards, reports The Telegraph. Initially the service will support transactions of up to £15, but this is expected to rise to £20 in June. The solution links the user’s smartphone to an e-account which they can load with up to £150. Users make payments simply by swiping their phone across an NFC enabled reader such as those already implemented in McDonalds, Subway and Pret a Manger.

Jason Rees, director of mobile payments and ticketing for Orange UK, says “when combined with the ability to use it with credit or debit cards from all the major UK banks, then even more people will be able to experience the simplicity and convenience of shopping with their phone.”

Orange has not yet disclosed which handsets will be compatible with the service. 

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