SignatureLink becomes Magento industry partner

Combatting ‘friendly fraud’

Through the deal SignatureLink will integrate its CNPS online signature pad and pre-emptive fraud technology as an extension to Magento’s e-commerce platform (view press release). SignatureLink’s solution aims at combatting ‘friendly fraud,’ which it claims makes up 30% of online fraud, by capturing a handwritten human signature and purchase agreement online, integrating all agreed terms and conditions into one, time stamped document. The solution provides the same legal protections afforded to brick and mortar merchants.

We are very pleased to offer Magento merchants the same ability to prevent and deter friendly fraud as brick and mortar retailers have. In the history of mankind, the most dominant block of commerce has always been the human handwritten signature,” said SignatureLink CEO Greg Wooten. “The Magento CNPS Extension coupled with the integrated ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Defender platform provides the online Magento payment community the ability to fight 100% of online fraud.” 

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