Dynamics launches interactive, next generation card payment solution

ePlate payment device

The solution, called the ePlate payment device, is a computer platform in payment card format. The device includes Electronic Stripe and can be read at any POS magnetic stripe reader (view press release). Its defining feature though is two buttons which the consumer can press for different ‘experiences’ upon purchase. Alongside the card is an experience application ecosystem and developer toolkit which enables developers from various industry verticals to create specific branded experiences for their ePlate customers. The ePlate devices are being rolled out in collaboration with UMB Financial Corporation

Dynamics today announced various ePlate experience providers from trading card systems to comics, games and social networks. One of the Facebook games based around the ePlate device, Scavenger Shop, bridges the gap between virtual and physical reality by letting consumers engage in a global scavenger hunt for game items as they make everyday purchases. The game links Dynamics ePlate payment devices with exclusive game content and experiences, enticing consumers to engage with brands that excite them with each purchase, online and offline. As purchases are made, elements of the game are revealed based on the location of the transaction.

We believe that the uniqueness of the ePlate device clearly differentiates this product in the marketplace and will revolutionise the consumer’s payment experience – as one’s needs and interest evolve, so does the experience,” said senior vice president of UMB credit card services, George Schmelzel.

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