US Bank and Carolina State University partner for Wolfpack One Card

Combined ID card and prepaid MasterCard card

The new Wolfpack One card doubles up as a campus ID card and prepaid MasterCard card and will be rolled out for free to the new freshman class arriving in June (view press release). Current student and staff will be able upgrade to the new card in October at a cost of USD10. US Bank will also install ATMs on campus.

The card will provide on-campus functionality from meal plans and the AllCampus debit account to door and parking gate access. It will be able to make purchases wherever MastarCard is accepted, on and off campus, and US bank will provide email and text alerts to keep users informed of account activity such as ATM withdrawals, processed deposits and low balances. There will also be an online banking service.

This is the first time the bank has rolled out a combined ID / prepaid card.

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