Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus launches with Google Wallet support and offer of USD50 to activate service

USD50 incentive to set up the service

The phone is only the second to officially support Google Wallet (the Nexus S was the first) and the carrier is offering an added incentive to adopt the mobile payment technology in the form of USD50 to set up the service. This is comprised of USD10 of credit on the Google Wallet prepaid card upon purchase and another USD40 within three weeks of activation.

The offer is a clear attempt to boost adoption of the service which has seen a considerable lack of interest from consumers since its launch in 2010. The reason is clearly due to the fact it has only been available across one wireless carrier, on one type of handset. Sprint is the only major wireless carrier in the US that supports the Google Wallet with the other three forming a competitive mobile wallet syndicate called Isis. Earlier this year Sprint committed itself to releasing 10 Google Wallet compatible phones by the end of the year.

A study released last week by Pew Research Center and Elon University claims that 65% of the experts surveyed believe that mobile payment services will be used to make regular in-store and online transactions by 2020. 

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