Prepaid2Cash launches website and is open for business

Exchange prepaid cards for cash

The San Francisco based internet company has launched its beta website,, and is open for business (view press release). The company has been in research and development stage since September 2010. enables users to exchange unwanted prepaid cards, such as those acquired through rebate programmes, product promotions and holiday gifts, for cash. Cash can be redeemed via bank transfer or mailed check – fund settlement takes between 2-4 business days for bank transfer and 4-6 business days for mailed check.

With the increasing volume of prepaid cards in the rebate and gift industries, people will start having to manage more of these cards,” said the company’s CFO and co-founder John Gushman. “Being able to transfer the balance to your own checking account allows you to spend your money how you want, when you want.”

Prepaid 2Cash is in partnership with security companies VeriSign, Trust Guard and TRUSTe to ensure all transactions are securely encrypted.


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