PayOne wins Mobile Merit Award 2012

Mobile payment and billing solutions

PayOne, formerly PaymentOne Corporation, has won the 2012 Mobile Merit Award for its mobile payment and billing solutions and customer service (view press release). The award recognises companies, technologies and individuals that shape the way the world communicates and this year’s winners were chosen based on industry impact, innovation, technologies, social importance, implementation and overall success factor.  

PayOne’s mobile payment services and global carrier network connects approximately 4 billion consumers with merchants in around 80 countries, across 1200 operators. The company’s solutions range from virtual currency and goods, to digital services, mobile in-app purchasing and remote convenience purchases such as parking or cinema tickets.

Our vision is to enable all consumers worldwide to participate in the digital economy by providing a safe, secure and convenient mobile payment capability,” said PayOne executive vice president, Brad Singer.

Other category finalist/winners include Sprint, Novatel, Telcordia, CBS Interactive, Poynt and Bravo Digital Network.

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