QUORiON rolls out Android-based mobile ordering system for restaurants

First step into the app industry

The German POS system manufacturer is launching a new mobile app ordering solution for restaurants based on QUORiON QMP POS software (view press release). The solution is hardware independent and compatible with tablets and smartphones running on Android version 1.6 or above. The solution is designed to improve service efficiency in restaurants by enabling wait staff to take down customers’ orders electronically and send them via Wi-Fi directly to the kitchen for processing. The order information is also sent to the master POS system for billing. When the customer comes to settle up, the waiter prints the receipt from a Bluetooth belt printer and processes the payment at the table as he would with a normal POS system. The QUORiON ordering application only works in conjunction with QUORiON POS systems – one master system is required to coordinate data exchange between the handheld devices and the rest of the POS network. The master system supports up to 8 mobile ordering units.

QUORiON’s mobile ordering solution is the company’s first step into the app industry; the company is currently investigating other OSs and platforms.  

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