SalesVU releases version 2.0 of mobile payment app in US and Canada

A flat fee of 2.7% charged per transaction

The mobile payment solution, compatible with iPhone and iPad, operates with centralised cloud-based management, reporting and social media marketing (view press release). New features of the app for retail include the ability to print receipts and scan barcodes, a cloud based employee timekeeping solution and new cash draw functionality. New features for restaurants include the ability to split checks, print orders to the kitchen, adjust tips at the end of a shift and receive orders from the website. Orders from the website are displayed on the app for direct processing. Many of the app’s enhancements were developed for the service industry where businesses work by appointment. The new version routes appointments from the company’s website to the mobile app allowing business owners to take instant booking confirmation deposits. Invoicing and recurring billing is also possible, allowing service-based professionals to set up monthly credit card payments in addition to face-to-face transactions.

The credit card reader and app for version 2.0 come at no cost to the business and a flat fee of 2.7% is charged for swipe and keyed-in transactions. The charge varies from 1.73% to 3.26% in Canada depending on card type.   

SalesVU founder and CEO, Pascal Nicolas, claims his solution provides more value than other POS and mobile payment systems and offers the lowest card processing fees. “We listened to thousands of SalesVU users across various retail, restaurant and services segments and added features designed to help them operate their business more efficiently, securely and cost effectively” he said

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