BOKU signs agreement with Sprint for online purchase carrier billing

Mobile purchasing

The agreement will enable Sprint customers to charge online purchases to their Sprint wireless bill via a two-step authorisation process (view press release). Online purchases can be made from BOKU’s merchant network of web-based gaming companies, social networks and service providers. BOKU’s mobile payment system on Sprint includes merchant partners such as Electronic Arts, Riot Games, Jagex, Stardoll, Kingisle and Gaia Online. Purchases are made directly from the user’s Sprint phone or tablet and appear on their monthly billing statement, no sensitive account information needs be exposed while using the service. Merchants and developers can use BOKU’s API-level support, integrated with Sprint’s platform, to incorporate on-device purchasing into applications along with capture and transaction processing capabilities and the ability to pass refunds directly back to the customer’s account.

Mobile commerce is one of the fastest growing segments in the wireless industry,” said Sprint vice president of product, Fared Adib. “Adding mobile purchasing with Boku will allow Sprint customers to continue to charge online digital purchases from more merchants to their monthly Sprint bill.”

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