VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions from AT&T launches

Bringing product information, loyalty solutions and purchase to the customer

The new solution, available on iOS, is a mobile POS solution that enables retailers to scan items and retrieve product information, process card payments, and apply coupons and discounts around the store (view press release). The tablet based software also enables merchants to sell stock from inventory not available in-store. The system is designed to reduce queue times and increase throughput by bringing product information, coupons and discounts, and purchase to the customer wherever they are in-store. The solution is also designed for the service industries, providing tableside ordering or adding purchases to guest room bills for example.

Customers don’t want to wait in line or stand around as a sales person runs off to find information on a product – they want great service in a timely manner,” said Chris Hill, vice president of Advanced Mobility Solutions at AT&T Business and Home Solutions.

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