Flexion wrapper integrates SponsorPay offer wall solution

An alternative, offer wall, monetisation method

Flexion Mobile, a provider of monetisation solutions for mobile apps, is partnering with SponsorPay, an offer-based payments provider, to provide Android developers an alternative, offer wall, monetisation method (view press release). SponsorPay’s cross-platform advertising solution monetises premium content or vitual currency on social networks, mobile apps, and online games and services. The deal between Flexion mobile and SponsorPay will enable developers to give users the option to make credit-based purchases within their content in addition to offering in-app billing through the Flexion wrapper. The integrated solutions enable developers to build premium and non-premium models in the same app, maximising uptake without changing the product.

Flexion enabled apps offer customers free initial credits and a free limited period trial. Customers can earn more credits by taking part in advertising offers and use those credits to buy further access to the wrapped product. The credits are currently only valid in the app in which they are generated but Flexion intends to make them a universal currency for customers to earn and spend across any wrapped product. By integrating the SponsorPay platform, Flexion will incorporate its app install and engagement campaigns, video ads and mobile cost-per-action offers. Flexion currently sees conversion rates from free trial to full purchase of 10% which it aims to increase considerably with this new deal.

“Many Android developers have had bad experiences with the Android market and are disappointed with the revenue opportunities available. But it is possible to make money from Android, and we want to help developers do just that,” says Flexion’s CEO Jens Lauritzson. “SponsorPay is a great alternative option for developers to create a revenue stream.”

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