Alaska USA adopts internet PIN debit through Acculynk PaySecure network

An extra layer of security

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is incorporating internet PIN debit through Acculynk’s PaySecure network (view press release). As a result, Alaska USA cardholders can now use their debit card and credit union issued PIN to make online payments at participating online merchants. The solution is designed to provide an extra layer of security against online fraud by requesting that online shoppers enter their PIN on a graphical PIN pad at checkout.

Consumers have clearly demonstrated their preference for using debit cards online,” said John Kerley, SVP of Operations at Alaska USA. “Providing our cardholders a more secure way to use their debit card for e-commerce is a big plus for our members. Furthermore, it provides issuers like Alaska USA a means to enhance the security of online payments and reduce fraudulent transactions.”

EFT network, Alaska Option, is also making PaySecure available to other issuers in its national network. Alaska Options financial institutions will join around 7,000 debit card issuers now supporting the solution. Eleven EFT networks in the US, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean now support PaySecure and approximately 3,200 merchants are currently enabled with the service.

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