Ingenico partners POS Portal for distribution in the US

New generation Telium series

US distributor of POS terminal modules, POS Portal, is adding Ingenico’s new generation Telium series POS products to its portfolio for sale and distribution to its independent sales organisations (ISOs) in the US (view press release). The move to bring the latest Telium devices into the US market is a result of the imminent migration to EMV chip and contactless payments in the country. Through the agreement, POS Portal will distribute Ingenico’s countertop terminals, NFC-enabled mobile devices, and customer facing terminals which are class A certified and able to support all forms of payment including contactless, EMV, NFC mobile and traditional mag stripe.

We are ready and committed to equip POS Portal with the highest-performing POS products available in the US market capable of supporting traditional and new types of payment such as EMV, contactless and NFC-enabled mobile payments,” said Ernie Frey, senior vice president of Acquirer Sales, Ingenico North America.

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