MySingleLink launches NFC-free e-wallet

MSL Wallet

The new e-wallet, dubbed MSL Digital Wallet, and app called MSL Wallet, runs off patent-pending technology and does not use NFC technology or require any special hardware (view press release). It is compatible with all smartphones and credit/debit cards and sensitive information is never stored with the merchant. To make transactions using the the app, the consumer scans a QR code displayed by the merchant to get a unique random number with blanks. They then replace the blanks with a unique PIN code to create a Single Use Digital Signature (SUDS) which the merchant can use to complete the transaction. An email and text receipt are then sent to the consumer following the transaction. Other uses of the app include logging into websites without using user ID and password or as a guest pager at restaurants.

The app is available as a free download from the Apple Store or Android Market.

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