Al Bilad Bank deploys Gemalto’s Dexxis Instant Issuance solution for EMV payment cards

Cards take around 3 minutes to issue

The Saudi bank is deploying Gemalto’s end-to-end solution in around 120 branches across the country (view press release). The package encompasses EMV DDA high-end security smart cards, card personalisation and issuance, and services and support. The solution is customised in Arabic and enables Al Bilad branch staff to issue up to 2000 cards per day, with each card taking around 3 minutes to issue. Face-to-face delivery enables the bank to personalise card services to each customer such as the rewards programme which can be tailored based on customer interests. The solution uses the Evolis Dualys card printer which encodes chip and magnetic stripe and embosses the card body with holder’s personal data managed by Dexxis. Al Bilad can integrate the card solution into its existing IT infrastructure and scale it depending on branch requirements.

The personal nature of this enhanced delivery system also allows us to build stronger relationships with our customers and simplify the migration from magstripe to EMV cards,” said AL Bilad CIO, Rashed Abdullah Al-Othman. 

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