Vizibility launches mobile business card for mobile wallet

Mobile wallet business cards

Vizibility, an online identity management platform for professionals, is launching an NFC Mobile Wallet Business Card as a standard feature for premium subscriptions (view press release). With the card, users can now use NFC, in addition to QR codes, to wirelessly exchange contact information, share hand-picked profiles, video bios and other online content, view connections on social media, download vCards and track when and where business cards are scanned. Vizibility also offers a patented feature called ‘Find Me in Google’ which enables users to pick and rank Google search results they want to show first and find out who is Googling them.   

The ubiquity of smartphones and growing popularity of mobile wallet services all underscore the importance of establishing and controlling a mobile presence online,” said James Alexander, Vizibility CEO and founder. “Credit cards aren’t the only thing we keep in our wallets today. Business cards and other networking tools will also find their place in our mobile wallets. Vizibilty’s personal mobile branding solution is affordable, enterprise-friendly and sends the message that you and your firm are hip and innovative.”

The mobile business card is an HTML5 web app that operates in the mobile browser of most QR code scanning apps and NFC enabled smartphones on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Window Mobile.

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