Moneycorp outsources ATM estate to VocaLink

One-stop-shop ATM managed service and card scheme sponsorship

Moneycorp, a provider of foreign exchange services, has outsourced its ATM estate management to Vocalink, an international payments provider (view press release). The deal will enable Vocalink to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ ATM managed service and card scheme sponsorship to acquire Visa and MasterCard ATM transactions. At present, Moneycorp’s ATM services can be accessed at four UK airports and in major cities. Vocalink will also provide value-added services such as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), which helps increase customer choice, generate new revenue and outperform competition. It allows ATM operators to convert the currency directly at the ATM when the currency of the card is different from the currency of the cash, converting the value of the transaction into the currency in which the card was issued. This provides ATM operators with new revenue opportunities.

“With VocaLink managing our growing estate of ATMs, we benefit from a feature-rich, end-to-end ATM service which has enabled us to provide DCC and other services to our customers. As an independent ATM deployer, VocaLink also helped us to procure sponsorship services to enable international card scheme transactions across multiple currencies. As we look to grow the business over the coming years, I’m confident that VocaLink is the smarter partner to support us in this growth and innovation at the ATM,” says Moneycorp’s CEO Mark Horgan.

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