Roshan and Western Union offering mobile money transfer in Afghanistan

Receive money directly into mobile wallet accounts from abroad

Roshan is teaming up with Western Union to launch a money transfer service in Afghanistan (view press release). The service will enable total mobile phone operator Roshan’s M-Paisa customers in Afghanistan to receive money directly into their mobile wallet accounts from abroad. M-Paisa, which was launched in 2008 through a collaboration between Roshan and Vodafone, enables customers to send and receive money internationally, receive their salaries, pay bills, receive and repay microfinance loans, send and receive money and purchase airtime directly from their Roshan phone.

Karim Khoja, Roshan’s CEO says, “Together, Roshan and Western Union are enabling distant families to be connected, and also offering peace of mind for those with relatives in Afghanistan, who have previously struggled to send money back home. The launch of this service is another step to making financial inclusion a reality for the almost 97 percent of Afghans who do not have access to traditional financial services, and is a continued demonstration of our mission to support economic development and empowerment throughout Afghanistan.”

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