AJB Software partners Reliant for secure payment platforms

Secure and flexible payment card environment

AJB Software, an integrated payment solutions provider, and Reliant Security, a provider of integrated data security and store systems technology solutions, are teaming up to offer retailers a secure and flexible payment card environment (view press release). Through the partnership, AJB Software is to integrate its FIPay software with Reliant’s Redbox Platform to centralize payment infrastructure. The integration will also help to reduce PCI DSS scope at the POS. With the integration, AJB’s FIPay software directly communicates with the payment devices from the in-store Redbox appliance. The merchant’s POS system then receives truncated card information, an authorization code or optional token after authorization is completed through a secure, encrypted session. This helps to reduce the PCI footprint and also provides a centralised payment structure based on payment transactions from additional in-store technologies such as mobile POS and self-service kiosks. AJB’s payment suite includes Flexible Integrated Payment System (FIPay) and  Retail Transaction Switch (RTS), which is a store-level communication gateway that interfaces with the merchant’s PIN pad devices, POS system and financial processors and a multi-purpose transaction switch that performs real-time authorization of a variety of transaction types from numerous sources over any communication medium. RedBox’s platform enables merchants to create a private in-store cloud for delivery applications such as VoIP, guest Wi-Fi, digital signage, interactive kiosks, mobile POS, PCI Controls, VPN and 4G connectivity, and secure payments.

Pat Polillo, VP of Sales at AJB says, “Our merchants continue to look for alternative approaches to reducing the complexity and scope of PCI.  Partnering with Reliant Security will allow our customers to segregate payment processing within the Redbox Platform using our FIPay product. This architecture makes even more sense in petroleum retail where Redbox and FIPay can securely manage payments from the fuel dispenser and inside the store.”

FIPay and Redbox Platform will be showcased at the upcoming NACSTech Trade Show, May 21-23 in Nashville, TN.

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