Flash Valet rolls out mobile app solution for valet parking industry

Based on cloud network

Mobile management solution provider Flash Valet is rolling out a new mobile app that will enable valets to accept mobile payments and track vehicles in real time (view press release). The app, which is based on cloud network, will also enable parking providers to control and boost revenue, manage employees’ time and attendance (including integrated payroll reports) and offer mobile payment solutions. The solution also helps reduce customer wait time as customers can use the app to send a text to alert the valet team when the customer is ready to leave. On receiving the text, the valet team arranges for the car to be retrieved and sends a text to the customer stating the car is ready. Customers can pay the valet with a credit card or via PayPal through the app.

Juan Rodriguez, CEO of Flash Valet says, “We saw an industry that could benefit from mobile technology, and knew its customers — all of us — would love the convenience. So we created Flash Valet to bring an industry that is mostly cash and paper-based into the mobile space.”

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