Kmart introduces walk-in bill pay programme

Make bill payments for over 3,000 companies

Kmart is rolling out a walk-in bill pay programme through CheckFreePay, a walk-in bill payment service from Fiserv (view press release). The new in-store bill payment programme enables customers to make bill payments for over 3,000 companies in person through Kmart’s nationwide stores and allows them to make payments for electric, gas and cable bills to credit card statements and auto loan through Kmart stores. With the new bill payment programme, customers will be able to pay bills for USD1.50 or less per transaction with cash or a PIN-based debit card at any Kmart stores. After receiving the payment from the customer, Kmart will send the payment to the biller by the next day.

“By choosing CheckFreePay from Fiserv, Kmart is giving its customers access to a trusted service that will enable efficient electronic delivery of their payments,” says Sean Dingwall, VP of CheckFreePay, Fiserv. “There are many consumers who prefer to pay their bills in person and receive a receipt to document the transaction; the expansion of the CheckFreePay service to Kmart stores nationwide will provide a secure, convenient bill payment option to Kmart customers.”

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