PayPal partners ShopKeep POS for in-store payments

PayPal payments in-store

Through the partnership customers can now log into and make payments from their PayPal account in-store at around 2,000 merchants across the US that use the ShopKeep iPad POS solution (view press release). The deal enables merchants using ShopKeep POS for their POS system to accept PayPal cardless payments at the industry rate of 2.7%.

The process works with the customer checking in at the participating merchant via the PayPal iPhone app. The customer’s name and photo then appear on the ShopKeep POS iPad register at checkout. The cashier identifies the customer and finalises the transaction. Following the transaction, the customer is automatically checked out of the store, and receives a receipt via email.

It’s easy and fast, and at the right price,” says ShopKeep POS CEO and founder, Jason Richelson. “That’s what our merchants want – to move lines quickly. This partnership fits in line with our core values of un-intimidating point-of-sale and is cost-effective at the 2.7% rate. Plus PayPal’s massive customer base helps to drive foot traffic…”

Merchants in the New York and Boston areas have already started accepting PayPal mobile payments as part of an east coast pilot programme.

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