WorldPay launches RFI and chargeback management platform

Dispute Management System

WorldPay is launching Dispute Management System (DMS), a new technology that automates the monitoring and processing of Request for Information (RFI) and chargebacks for merchants (view press release). The solution is designed to combat card-not-present (CNP) fraud, provide efficient chargeback management, reduce issuer penalty fees, and help prevent merchant online account suspension. WorldPay also claims that DMS reduces the time for chargeback documents to be received by acquirers and the potential for documents to go missing by automating the process. The solution can be attached as a bolt-on to the merchant’s existing acquirer and payment gateway and provides Early Warning Signs to alert merchants when they are approaching their hurdle rate.

The management of RFIs and chargebacks is time-intensive for merchants and requires considerable expertise and resource to handle manually,” said WorldPay CPO Phil McGriskin. “DMS is a major step forward in automating this process, reducing the amount of resource required to deal with such requests, all through a secure and customisable platform.”

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