Acculynk to authenticate online RuPay transactions with PaySecure virtual PIN pad

Bringing millions of RuPay consumers to e-commerce

Acculynk, a provider of PaySecure PIN authentication for online debit transactions, in collaboration with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), is to provide the authentication for all online RuPay debit card transactions (view press release). The RuPay card was launched by the NPCI in March this year in collaboration with four banks; it is a PIN-only debit card for use at ATMs and POS. The integration with Acculynk’s PaySecure solution will enable RuPay consumers to use their debit cards for online transactions by entering their PIN on a virtual PIN-pad at checkout.

We expect to bring millions of RuPay consumers to e-commerce,” said NPCI MD and CEO Mr A P Hota.


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