CardinalCommerce Corporation teams up with Planet Payment

Reduce fraudulent chargebacks

CardinalCommerce Corporation, a remote commerce (internet, mobile, etc.) enabling company, and Planet Payment, a provider of international and multi-currency payment processing services, are partnering to integrate Cardinal’s 3-D Secure solution, Cardinal Centinel, with Planet Payment’s iPAY multi-currency eCommerce gateway (view press release). Cardinal Centinel helps mobile and online merchants reduce fraudulent chargebacks, interchange rates and manual reviews. The solution, which is supported by MasterCard and Visa, requires online customers to enter a PIN code at checkout, which is verified by the bank that issued the credit card. The Centinel platform is designed to reduce losses and operational costs incurred from fraud including chargebacks and fines. The agreement allows Planet Payment customers to receive the fraud protection and benefits offered by the 3-D Secure programmes.

3-D Secure helps online merchants fight Internet fraud and reduces their cost of selling online. 3-D Secure also enhances our merchants’ ability to expand into overseas markets,” said Scott Goldthwaite, SVP of Product Management and Marketing for Planet Payment.

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