More than half US consumers prefer online shopping to bricks and mortar

The "easiest" and "most convenient" form of shopping

Some 59% of US consumers prefer making purchases online rather than in-store or using a mobile device, according to a study conducted by Nielsen. Online shopping is considered the “easiest” of the three forms by 68% of those polled and 68% say it the “most convenient”. Despite this, doubts remain over online fraud, with physical stores still considered the most trustworthy. Some 69% say they are the “most reliable” and 77% that they are the “safest”.

The report suggests mobile e-commerce has some way to grow, ranked the lowest across all measures apart from “most convenient” at 38% and “easiest” at 27%. Mobile shopping is making some progress, however, with comScore reporting earlier this year that half of US smartphone users have researched products on their mobiles while in physical stores.

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