Rev Worldwide launches mobile account solution for underserved merchants


Rev Worldwide, an international payment company for underserved markets and participating member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America Panel on Financial Inclusion, is launching an international mobile payment solution enabling underserved merchants to accept card payments and gain instant access to funds, without the need to have a bank account (view press release). The solution, dubbed RevCOIN, incorporates a free app, a prepaid business debit card, and a credit/debit card reader that operates on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Other key features include FDIC insurance (for US accounts only), a swipe card rate of 2.55%, mobile account transfer and management functionality including P2P transactions, and a virtual card offering.

Traditionally cash has been the only convenient, universally accepted form of payment many entrepreneurs around the world can afford to accept,” said Bertrand Sosa, co-founder and president of Rev Worldwide and a participating member of CGI. “New technologies have made significant achievements but lack a serious commitment to financial inclusion and access to capital at the core of their strategies. Industry providers are still going after the same customer base while ignoring the emerging markets entrepreneur.”

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