Dynamics’ ePlate credit card gaming solution launches with partners at E3

Every type of game segment represented

Dynamics Inc, a next generation payment device provider, today unveiled its battery powered ePlate credit card solution at E3 (view press release). The solution enables game developers to integrate games into the card, merging the world of gaming with the USD4 trillion payment ecosystem. Users can select from a range of games to link with the card and press buttons on the card at the point of sale to make choices relating to the content and experience of the selected game. Game developers earn 0.25% (25 basis points) of the value of any transaction that uses the game and can collate customer-approved purchase data so a game can evolve based on amount, location and time of purchase.

Developers launching games in collaboration with the Dynamics ePlate system at E3 include Evil Genius Designs, Jersey Jack Pinball, Social Cubix and Avenue Social.  

The Dynamics ePlate developer ecosystem is innovating on our technology to open up new terrain for the gaming industry,” said founder and CEO, Jeff Mullen. “At E3, Dynamics unveiled game partners that span online social games to mobile phone games to pinball games. The fact that every type of game segment is represented means that every type of player will find a unique gaming experience on the ePlate platform.” 

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