Equinox Payments appoints Patrick Hazel as chairman and CEO

"Access and opportunity for customers and partners"

Equinox Payments, a high security electronic transaction solution company and member of The Gores Group, has appointed Patrick Hazel as its chairman and CEO (view press release). Hazel has been a member of the company’s board of directors since November 2011. Previously, Hazel was president and CEO of Semtek Corporation, an end-to-end card payment security technology firm acquired by VeriFone in 2010.

During the next era of this dynamic sector, Equinox intends to provide access and opportunity for customers and partners to take full advantage of the coming convergence of payments and merchandising,” said Hazel.

Equinox is currently focusing on growing the North American assets of former Hypercom which were spun out during the anti-trust settlement between the US Department of Justice and VeriFone. The company claims to be the second largest provider of payment acceptance devices to the US market.

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