Cinsay adds PayPal to their Smart Store to enhance social video commerce solutions

Broaden Cinsay’s payment options within the Smart Store

Cinsay is launching the inclusion of PayPal for the complete payment processing of products and services featured and purchased in Cinsay’s Smart Stores (view press release). This arrangement is intended to broaden Cinsay’s payment options within the Smart Store. Viewers and customers will be able to checkout directly inside the video player (Smart Store) using debit and credit cards, electronic checks or bank transfers. Shoppers will be able to navigate throughout Cinsay’s Smart Stores, viewing videos and making purchases from various services and products wherever the video is shared. Purchases can then be completed using their personal PayPal account. Smart Store merchants will be able to pay for Cinsay products and system upgrades to their accounts via PayPal through the CMS (Client Management System).

Since launching the Cinsay Managed Social Commerce platform in January 2012, the company has already signed approximately 60 enterprise-class clients. Cinsay also just recently launched its SOHO/SMB self-managed Smart Store at DEMO Spring 2012 and has signed up approximately 1,000 merchants. The growth of video enabled commerce coupled in social environments and with the potential to be shared virally across the web, is the core of Cinsay’s business model. 

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