Fanbox launches mobile component of its loyalty and gift card programs

Enabling access to its MS2 platform through a mobile device

Fanbox is launching the new MS2 MOBILE module, enabling access to its MS2 platform through a mobile device (view press release). Retailers using Fanbox loyalty and/or gift card programs can now offer their customers the opportunity to transfer their loyalty and gift cards into virtual cards that will be accessible from their smartphones, allowing them to make a transaction with their gift card or earn loyalty points by presenting a bar code appearing on their mobile phone screen, and consult their profile in real time. These virtual cards are available on the web or through a mobile app; the choice is the retailer’s.

Fanbox offers retailers the tools they will need to connect to the MS2 platform via a mobile device. Retailers use a REST API (protocol used to exchange data between computer-based platforms, such as websites) created by Fanbox and integrated into the web page or mobile application that the consumers will use. A bar code helps merchants link their transaction system with the mobile platform.

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