Fortumo expands in Central America

25 million mobile users in Guatemala and Costa Rica

Starting this week, Fortumo payments are available for around 25 million mobile users in Guatemala and Costa Rica (view blog post). Costa Rica has the region’s most advanced telecom market. Mobile penetration is around 101% with a total of 4.4 million mobile service subscribers. The state telecom ICE holds 93% of the market. According to a recent study, 35% of mobile phone users have access to mobile Internet and their number is growing due to the introduction of flat rate high-speed Internet plans. The country has an Internet penetration approximately 10% above the Central American average. Guatemala reached 21 million mobile users at the end of 2011. Its mobile penetration of 94.4% largely results from gaps in the country’s fixed line infrastructure. For the same reason, mobile Internet is becoming an alternative to meet Guatemala’s growing broadband demand.

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