GetTaxi app submits proposal to become official taxi app of NY, and partners with Dwolla and HopStop

Snapshot view of their taxi options

Israeli startup GetTaxi, an app that helps you catch a cab, have submitted a proposal to New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission in a bid to become their official taxi app, and are intending to partner with Dwolla and HopStop.  GetTaxi gives users a snapshot view of their taxi options, whether they can hail a cab or need to book etc. Other services are offered such as searching specialty cabs, reviewing the cab driver, earning loyalty points and trying to find lost items.   

GetTaxi announced USD20 million in funding last week, and now it is clear it is serious about taking the market in NY City. The partnership with Dwolla aims to give the users more ways to pay. There will be an option of one time split fares, ride shares, monthly plans, PayPal and credit cards. The partnership with HopStop is intended to help the user find the most convenient route to wherever they need to be.  The app is currently in use in 2500 cabs and available for purchase on iOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones.

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