Nationz Technologies licenses MIPS Technologies’ processor cores for mobile payment solutions

Make payments, transfer money between accounts and shop

MIPS Technologies, a provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for home entertainment, networking, mobile and embedded applications announces that Nationz Technologies, a leading provider of security processors and RF chips in China, licensed MIPS Technologies’ MIPS32 M4K processor cores for use in its 2.4G RFID-SIM/SD mobile payment products for use in mobile phones (view press release). Nationz’s RFID-SIM/SD cards have been adopted by major telecom providers in China, with around one million MIPS-Based(TM) devices shipped to-date. Nationz is designing its next MIPS-Based chip for mobile payment applications, including Range Controlled Communications (RCC). RCC is a multi-range controlled communication technology.

The 2.4G mobile payment solution standard developed by Nationz, applies ultra-high frequency to near-field precision applications. Based on this standard, Nationz’ mobile payment solutions consist of an RFID-SIM/SD card and a card reader that users insert into a phone to replace their existing SIM/SD card. Although it looks the same as a normal SIM/SD card and has all traditional SIM/SD features, the RFID-SIM/SD card also contains features that allow users to make payments, transfer money between accounts and shop. 

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