Pace and CTA to join forces to provide contactless payment services for Chicago Transit Board

Pay for travel on buses and trains with their phone

Pace will be contributing to CTAs Open Standards Fare System contract with Cubic Transportation Systems. CTA and Pace customers will be able to pay for travel on buses and trains by means of contactless credit or debit cards by tapping it on a card reader. Those without contactless credit or debit cards will be able to purchase reloadable contactless cards via retail outlets, vending machines or a call centre. The reloadable cards will also be accepted in participating retailers, and cash will still be accepted as payment for travel on buses. The open fare system means that customers can use the same form of payment for transportation with either transit agency, while each company will maintain its own separate fare structure. The addition of Pace to the contract will see the opening of a further 500 retail locations where the cards can be reloaded.

In November the Chicago Transit Board approved USD 454.1 million to CTS to develop the Open Fare System in Chicago. With Pace now joining their efforts the contract value reaches USD 508.9 million, with Pace paying the additional costs to cover the cost of the new card readers and operational costs. CTA and Pace will share: website branding, advertising, marketing, software and hardware maintenance, I.T, banking services, security protocols and card and mobile application production. The new open fare system implementation is set to begin in summer 2013.

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